Show Teachers the Love!

Monday, May 11, 2020

(mostly) cancelled

We asked Roz Chast (an Academy master) for an illustration of a teacher’s state of mind today. She sent us this. Seems pretty accurate.

Teachers need love more than ever, but we have had to cancel this year’s Show Teachers the Love! variety show. Our only fundraiser!

Instead, we are bringing isolated teachers together online to get them through this mess. If anyone can figure out how to teach remotely, it’s our Fellows. They’re the best teachers in the world.

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The great

Mike Birbiglia

(not cancelled!)

Mike’s presentation of our Woodridge Award to his beloved former elementary school
teacher will now happen online. Stay tuned!


Catherine Aresty
Steven Aresty
Paula and Robert Butler
Douglas P. Catalano and Judi Tytel
Elizabeth B. Dater
Laurie and Oskar Eustis*
Megan Flanigan and Rick Swift
Agnes Gund
Nick Lembo
Giovanna Marazzi and David Sassoon
Margery and Ted Mayer
Caroline S. McBride
Ilse Melamid
Barbara G. Raho
Diana and Charles Revson
Mary and Alok Singh
Gloria Steinem*

Benefit Committee Members

(as of today)
David W. Blight*
Roz Chast*
Susan Choi*
Billy Collins*
Carol and George Crapple
Marvin Davidson
Patti and Eric Fast
Michael Glazebrook
Irena Goldstein
Tonne Goodman
Lynne and Mark Hammerschlag
Aisha Haynes
Joy and Emily Hurd
Maira Kalman*
Joshua Katz*
Georgette and Charles Mallory
Emily Mandelstam
Louise Mirrer
Meredith Monk*
Garrett and Mary Moran
Roy Moskowitz and Anne Edelstein
Khalil Gibran Muhammad*
Francisco Núñez*
Beverly and Peter Orthwein
Lisa and Richard Plepler
Melinda Relyea and James Kearns
Joanie and Maurice Reznik
Deborah and Chuck Royce
Nadine Shaoul and Mark Schonberger
Sam Swope and Jim Tryforos
Will and CeCe Thompson
Barbara and Donald Tober
Felipe and Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos
Elly and Tony Wong
Jerry Zaks*
* led an Academy for Teachers master class

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