• BD Wong reads, Cocomama jams, Drew Dollaz flexes

  • Matthew Broderick performs, Francisco Núñez honors his teacher, Vanessa Williams sings

  • Mike Birbiglia does stand-up, guests enjoy the after-party

  • Basil Twist and Sean Cross clown around after the show, Caroline Kennedy addresses audience

  • Rosie’s Theater Kids perform, David Coleman honors Mary Rooney, his former middle school English teacher

  • Taylor Mali performs and mixes it up with teachers after the show.

  • Teachers feel the love, Oskar Eustis speaks

  • Basil Twist dances with Stick Man, Joy Behar does stand-up

  • Keith Nelson awes, a delighted audience

  • Glamorous guest, saxophone genius Ron Blake, Broadway director Jerry Zaks

  • Emma Thompson-Haye sings, teachers feel the love, Bonnie McFarlane does stand-up

  • Caleb Teicher taps to Mozart, Caroline Kennedy and Carmen Fariña, Arturo O’Farrill performs

  • Guests enjoy the after-party, The Apple Boys sing

  • Khalil Gibran Muhammad speaks, the after-party, mentalist Vinny DePonto amazes

Show Teachers the Love!

Early in May, during National Teacher Month, we put on a star-studded variety show that celebrates teachers. It’s also our only fundraiser, but it’s a special kind of fundraiser because half the audience are teachers, who come for free to feel the love. The other half are donors, who come to show it. There’s joy in the air.

A moving highlight of the evening is the presentation of the Woodridge Award for Great Teachers, given by prominent New Yorkers to a teacher who changed their lives.


Catherine Aresty
Steven Aresty
Paula and Robert Butler
Elizabeth B. Dater
Laurie and Oskar Eustis*
Nick Lembo
Margery and Ted Mayer
Ilse Melamid
Megan Flanigan and Rick Swift
Barbara G. Raho
Diana and Charles Revson
Mary and Alok Singh

Benefit Committee Members

(as of today)
David W. Blight*
Alan Cheng and Serena Chang
Susan Choi*
Billy Collins*
Carol and George Crapple
Michael Glazebrook
Irena Goldstein
Tonne Goodman
Lynne and Mark Hammerschlag
Aisha Haynes
Joy and Emily Hurd
Maira Kalman
Caroline S. McBride
Meredith Monk*
Roy Moskowitz and Anne Edelstein
Francisco Núnez*
Joanie and Maurice Reznik
Gloria Steinem*
Sam Swope and Jim Tryforos
Will and CeCe Thompson
Barbara and Donald Tober
Felipe and Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos
Elly and Tony Wong
Jerry Zaks*
* led an Academy for Teachers master class

Monday, May 11, 2020

New-York Historical Society

170 Central Park West at Richard Gilder Way (77th Street)

New York, NY 10024

Join us during National Teacher Month to

Show Teachers the Love!

a charming variety show in which…

The Scooches get down,

Roz Chast & Patty Marx go ukulear,

Bonnie McFarlane yucks it up,

Arturo O’Farrill tickles the ivories,

Ayodele Casel taps up a storm,

Rosie’s Theater Kids raise the rafters,

Joshua Katz smartens you up,

and other surprise guests astonish and amaze!!

The great

Mike Birbiglia

gives this year’s Woodridge Award for Great Teachers
to his former elementary school teacher,

Meme Middlesworth.

Half our audience will be teachers, who come for free to feel the love.
The other half will be donors, who come to show it.

(Free tickets for Academy Fellows will be distributed by lottery.)

Purchase tickets below — while they last!

Buy yourself a ticket, get a teacher in for free.

Payment can also be made by checks payable to The Academy for Teachers and mailed to:
The Academy for Teachers
10 West 90th Street
New York, NY 10024

All but $100 of each ticket is tax-deductible.

The Academy for Teachers is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. To purchase an ad for the journal, please contact Rene at rene@academyforteachers.org.