Think Big / Change the World
with Yazmany Arboleda
Offered in partnership with The National Archives at NYC (US Customs House)
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Yazmany Arboleda orchestrates imaginative events that bring people together, get them smiling, and change the way they see each other. In Kabul, volunteers handed out 10,000 pink balloons to rush-hour commuters. In Kenya, interfaith volunteers painted mosques, synagogues, and churches the same shade of yellow. Yazmany’s next project, still in its early stages, is ambitious—a huge citywide happening that will shine a grateful light on New York’s teachers. His creative process will begin with this master class, which is open to teachers of all grades and subjects. Teachers will participate in Yazmany’s process and learn how to fashion events that bring their various school communities together, helping them see each other anew.

Yazmany Arboleda is a Colombian-American artist motivated by political, cultural, and social concerns. His practice often focuses on creating “Living Sculptures,” where co-creators come together to transform their experience of the world. An architect by training, he has created public art projects with communities in India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanistan, Spain, Colombia, and the United States.