The Neuroscience of Desire and Reward
with Richard Alan Friedman
at The National Arts Club
Monday, May 15, 2017

Without our knowing it, we are driven by the lure of reward—especially when it is unpredictable. This Master Class will explore the intriguing neuroscience of reward and desire that lies at the heart of everyday behaviors like sex, recreational drug use, learning, and memory.

Richard Alan Friedman, M.D. is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Director of the Psychopharmacology Clinic at Weill Cornell. He specializes in anxiety and mood disorders and has expertise in psycho-pharmacology and refractory depression. Dr. Friedman is also actively involved in clinical research of mood disorders. In particular, he is involved in several ongoing randomized clinical trials of both approved and investigational drugs for the treatment of major depression, chronic depression, and dysthymia. Dr. Friedman is a contributing Op-Ed writer at the New York Times where he writes on mental health, addiction, human behavior, and neuroscience.