The Global Economy and the Art of Asset Allocation
with David M. Darst
Offered in partnership with The New York Stock Exchange
Friday, January 25, 2013

Participants will gain valuable insight into how a leading financier views the global economy. Held in the Executive Board Room of the New York Stock Exchange and led by Morgan Stanley Managing Director David Darst, this Master Class asks the question: How does a major financial institution determine its investment strategy? In a wide-ranging exploration of the world economy seen through the lens of “asset allocation,” Darst will discuss the 2008 financial crisis, as well as the most current headlines, and demonstrate how seemingly disparate events across the planet affect the ever-volatile and interconnected relationships of commodities, stocks, futures, real estate, currency valuations, emerging markets, etc. As always in an Academy Master Class, participants will also have an opportunity to share resources and strategies for teaching economics in the high school classroom. Lunch will be catered.

David M. Darst is a Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney with responsibility for Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy. He has taught at Yale and Harvard and appears frequently on CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX, PBS, and elsewhere. His seven books include the bestselling The Little Book that Saves Your Assets.