The Atlantic Slave Trade
with Christopher L. Brown
Offered in partnership with The Park Avenue Armory
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

This master class will introduce the international dimensions of the Atlantic slave trade (1450-1867): its organization in Western Europe, its conduct across Africa’s varied political and economic landscape, and its dispersal of African captives across the Americas. The discussion will emphasize experiences of capture, enslavement, resistance, and exile among the victims of the trade. It also will consider how and why the Atlantic slave trade came to an end.

Christopher L. Brown, Columbia University, specializes in the history of eighteenth-century Britain, the early modern British Empire, and the comparative history of slavery and abolition, with secondary interests in the age of revolutions and the history of the Atlantic world. He is now at work on two projects, one on British experience along the West African coast in the era of the Atlantic slave trade, and a second on the decline and fall of the British planter class in the era of abolition and emancipation.