Free Special Event
Teachers Teaching Teachers
Stargazing in Central Park
with Michael Wilkinson, Jupiter Joe, and Justin Starr
at Central Park's Great Lawn
Date TBD

The lights of New York dilute much of the city’s starry heaven, but there are nevertheless marvels to behold in the nighttime sky above Central Park. We’ll begin at dusk with a picnic dinner, during which guest astronomers will discuss the hows and the whys of urban stargazing. As the sun sets, they’ll point their telescopes toward Saturn and Jupiter, already visible. When darkness falls, they’ll show us constellations, infinitely far away yet composed of stars bright enough to be seen amid New York’s nighttime glow.

Michael Wilkinson is a NASA Master Teacher and a Space Exploration Expedition Teacher. A Fellow of The Academy for Teachers, he teaches 4th and 5th-grade math and science at Ethical Culture Fieldston School.

Jupiter Joe has been in love with the nighttime sky since childhood. To encourage his fellow New Yorkers to look up and wonder, he regularly hosts stargazing events on sidewalks and even subway platforms!

Justin Starr is a skilled astrophotographer, as well as a working musician. He teaches music on Long Island.