(a two-session master class)
with Neal Carruth
Offered in partnership with NPR's New York Bureau
December 16, 2019 • January 23, 2020

In the first, daylong session of this two-part master class, Neal Carruth will provide an overview of the vast and proliferating world of podcasts. He will address how podcasts are used and answer questions such as: Who makes them? Why do some podcasts rise to the top? What topics are best suited to the form? What topics are likely to fail? Then, using a new NPR science podcast as a case study, he will present the various steps taken to develop it, from initial pitch to final product. Following this first session, participants will have several weeks to make their own podcasts, which will be workshopped during the second, shorter, evening session.

Neal Carruth is NPR’s first-ever general manager of podcasts. He oversees the teams who work on many of NPR’s most popular podcasts, including Embedded, Hidden Brain, Planet Money, and Rough Translation. Previously, he was supervising senior editor of NPR’s Business Desk, supervising editor of NPR’s Election Unit, and supervising senior producer of All Things Considered. Carruth is a recipient of a Peabody Award and a Gerald Loeb Award.









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Photos by Pat Swain.






“The day was extremely well thought-out. I was able to learn from a Master and engage in real conversations with incredibly thoughtful teachers. There were spontaneous, natural ways to have conversation along with more facilitated ways to have discussion. I left the day with one million tabs open in my head – so excited and inspired!”
Laura Winnick, Blue School


Assigned listening:

Short Wave podcast episodes:

Thursday, November 7: Life After Whale Death

Thursday, November 8: The Mind-Bending Ascent of Helium – And Why It’s Running Low

Monday, November 11: Can Global Shipping Go Zero Carbon?


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