Mind the Gap: How Economics Explains Racial & Gender Inequality
with Cecilia Conrad
Offered in partnership with Barnard College
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Economics has been called the “queen of the social sciences,” but what credible explanation does the “queen” give for the fact that she earns less than a king? And how does economics explain the persistence of racial economic inequality even among those with similar education and experience? This Master Class will apply the analytical tools of economics to examine the influence of race and gender on economic interactions ranging from professional sports to e-bay auctions. Our goal will be to illuminate how economists think and to model evidence-based discourses on the social consequences of race and gender stereotypes and the economic benefits of diversity.

Cecilia Conrad is Vice President of the MacArthur Foundation where she leads the MacArthur Fellowship program, commonly known as the “genius award.” Earlier in her career, she taught economics at Barnard College and Pomona College. In 2002, she received the California Professor of the Year Award from Carnegie Foundation. Her work has appeared in academic journals and in the popular press, including The American Prospect, Black Enterprise, and The New York Times. Her co-edited book, African Americans in the US Economy (2005) was designated a CHOICE Academic Title of Year in 2005. Conrad is the editor of The Review of Black Political Economy.