Math Beats Memory: Creative Problem-Solving
with Po-Shen Loh
Offered in partnership with the Roger Smith Hotel
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

In this master class, a daunting problem (which seems solvable only by those with superhuman memory) becomes a fun and thought-provoking puzzle. Using a combination of strategy and creative mathematical thinking, participants will discover amazingly simple approaches to the problem. This master class will be revelatory and challenging for math teachers of any level. Also fun! Our exploration will touch on many different areas of mathematics, from binary arithmetic to the theory of communication.

Po-Shen Loh is a mathematician and social entrepreneur, working across the full spectrum of math and education, on a mission to raise the world’s interest and ability in math. He is the founder of the free personalized learning platform, a mathematics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and the national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team. His research and educational outreach takes him around the world, reaching nearly ten thousand people through in-person events each year, and featuring in or co-creating online videos totaling over four million YouTube views.