NYC Bridge and Skyscraper Design
with Maria Garlock
Offered in partnership with Princeton University at the Princeton Club
Honoring Teachers interested in Design and Engineering
Friday, January 20, 2017

All long-span bridges and tall buildings dance as they move in response to wind and earthquakes. But how much movement is too much? How do we control excessive motions? This Master Class will explore how engineers design long-span bridges and tall buildings to resist wind and earthquake, with particular reference to bridges and buildings in NYC. We will also look at the historical events that advanced engineering design.

Maria Garlock is Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Program in Architecture and Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University. Her research centers on structural engineering that will expand the engineering knowledge for the purpose of enhancing professional practice. Specifically, these research interests are related to earthquake engineering, development of innovative structural systems, response of structures subjected to large fires, thin shell concrete roof structures, issues related to tall building design, and the transfer of technology related to innovative structural systems and forms.