Free Special Event
Teachers Teaching Teachers
Human Rights Lesson: Organizing an Anti-Slavery Convention
with Lynn Yellen, Essex Street Academy
at Essex Street Academy
Saturday, February 9, 2019

Veteran teacher and Academy Fellow Lynn Yellen shares a powerful project she’s been refining for years. The project, a six-week deep dive into the abolition movement, culminates in a nineteenth-century-style convention in which students embody the ideas, histories, and personas of figures involved in the fight to end slavery. Along the way, students analyze primary sources, conduct research, practice public speaking, engage in role play, and write. Teachers in this workshop will learn how the project is structured, take part in research and speaking exercises, receive materials needed to adapt it for their classrooms, and benefit from the wisdom Lynn has gained from her decades in the classroom.

Lynn Yellen has taught social studies and many other things for over 30 years, mostly in Consortium schools that focus on project-based learning. At Essex Street Academy, she currently teaches 19th Century Movements for Social Change and co-facilitates the Feminist Lunch Club as well as the fifteen-student workshop that produces school-wide town meetings.