Geometric Sculpture
with George Hart
Offered in partnership with MoMA
Thursday, February 8, 2018

The connection between mathematics and art is as old as art itself. Artist-mathematician George Hart creates fascinating sculptures based on geometric forms. In this workshop, K-12 math teachers will study mathematical principles and create sculptures based on those concepts. They will also, as a group, build a complex mathematical sculpture that can be disassembled and transported, allowing the teachers to take turns rebuilding it with their students and displaying it in their schools.

George W. Hart, a professor at Stony Brook University, is also a sculptor, mathematician, computer scientist, and educator. His mathematical research centers on novel polyhedral structures and the algorithms that make constructing them possible. His sculpture, celebrated for mathematical depth and creative use of materials, can be seen at M.I.T., Princeton, Duke, and elsewhere. He is a recipient of the New York State Council for the Arts Individual Artist’s Award and a co-founder of MoMath, North America’s only museum of mathematics.