Everything Is Useful: Creativity, Inspiration, and Collaboration
with Isabel and Ruben Toledo
Offered in partnership with The Toledos in their Studio
Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fashion designer Isabel Toledo and her husband, artist Ruben Toledo, famously collaborate with one another as well as with others from very different fields. Being open to outside influences leads to a cross-pollination that is mutually inspiring. As Isabel Toledo has written, “Never be afraid of the unknown.” Similar forces are at work in great teaching, which is by definition collaborative and often inspired. In this Master Class, passionately creative teachers will explore the Toledos’ creative process and consider its implications for classroom practice.

Fashion designer Isabel Toledo and artist Ruben Toledo, both Cuban refugees, have been collaborators since high school. Each credits the other with inspiration. Isabel Toledo’s designs, known for geometric simplicity and meticulous craftsmanship, brought her international fame when Michele Obama wore one of her creations to President Obama’s first inauguration. The Toledos share a common approach: imaginative creation from observation. Their unusual and long-term collaboration has won them many honors, most recently a Tony nomination in their costume designs for the Broadway musical, After Midnight.