Free Special Event
with Jen Easterly, Valentina Soria, Chris Kozlowski, and Peter Sillitoe
Offered in partnership with Morgan Stanley
Thursday, January 24, 2019
Tickets are no longer available.

Technology is an integral part of the daily lives of billions of people. Banks, hospitals, governments, power plants, personal computers, mobile phones, and microwaves conduct business over the same network: the internet. Cybersecurity threats are in the news with numbing regularity and we live with the constant worry that one day disaster will strike, endangering our privacy, our money, and our safety. Behind these threats lie a complex underworld of fraudsters, thieves, organized criminals and nation state actors. During this fascinating, free Special Fellows Event, cybersecurity experts from Morgan Stanley will provide an overview of the complex cybersecurity challenges organizations of all sizes face, and how they and individuals can protect technology networks in their personal and professional lives.

Jen Easterly is a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley and Global Head of the Firm’s Cybersecurity Fusion Center. Valentina Soria is the Global Head of Threat Intelligence at Morgan Stanley. Chris Kozlowski is the Global Head of Morgan Stanley Cyber Analytics. Peter Sillitoe is the Global Head of the Morgan Stanley Cyber Incident Response Team and Technical Director of the Morgan Stanley Fusion Center.