Contemporary American Women: What Makes a Maker
with Amy Richards
Offered in partnership with The New-York Historical Society
Monday, March 3, 2014

This Master Class explores the rich world of “MAKERS: Women Making America” which is at once a PBS documentary, a PBS series, and a vast collection of videos about pioneering, inspirational women from all walks of life who have changed America. MAKERS forces us to think about who really makes a difference in life, and why. This video collection reacquaints us with powerful women we already know, such as Oprah, Condoleeza Rice, and Judy Blume, and introduces us to unsung others who have had enormous impact, locally and nationally, but aren’t household names. One exciting outcome of this Master Class will be the addition of student voices to the MAKERS’ archive.

NOTE: This extended Master Class involves more than one meeting and a culminating event. Teachers will help each other design MAKERS projects to do with their students. They will be asked to decide who in their communities constitutes a “maker” and then document those people in the spirit of “MAKERS,” either in a video or in another format determined by each teacher. Participating teachers will meet twice again (after school) to keep their projects on track, offer each other advice, and cheer one another on. There will be a culminating event to celebrate the various “makers” from these 16 schools from all over the city.

Amy Richards, a leading voice in contemporary feminist thought and action, is the author of the books Manifesta, Grassroots, and Opting In. She’s also writes “Ask Amy” at and created the Third Wave Foundation and Feminist Camp.