Caminando con Poemas / Walking with Poems
with Ernesto Estrella
Offered in partnership with The New-York Historical Society
November 20, 2017 • November 27, 2017

In this Master Class—which will be conducted entirely in Spanish—poet and performer Ernesto Estrella will demonstrate what he calls “creative reading,” a process that turns reading a poem into an artistic experience, helping the poem become such a part of our lives it changes how we think, feel, and even go about our days. The goal, as he puts it, is learning to “walk with poems.” Participants will take a deep, creative dive into iconic poems by Federico García Lorca, Oliverio Girondo, and Alejandra Pizarnik. Along the way, we will explore how reciting a poem and reveling in the dialogue between sound and meaning can be an act of interpretation, how visual art can unearth meaning in a poem’s images, and the ways in which other genres, like novels and short stories, speak to a poem. In “creative reading,” any creative act can be brought to bear, including music, songs, photograph, podcasts, and more. “Walking with Poems” offers new pathways for people to appreciate and share poetry with others.

Ernesto Estrella a native of Granada, Spain, is a poet, scholar, and musician. He holds a PhD from Columbia University, taught contemporary poetry at Yale University, and served as the executive director of The Voice Observatory in Berlin. In 2016, he founded The Nomadic School of the Senses, which he now directs. The school’s mission is to recapture the heritage of great writers, such as Cervantes, Lorca, and Thoreau, by creating innovative educational programs that puts them in dialogue with pressing contemporary concerns.