Free Special Event
An Artist Salon
with Morgan O'Hara
Offered in partnership with The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
Supper Included
Friday, October 26, 2018
Registration is not yet open.

Fellows are invited to The Academy’s first artist salon. In this intimate event, teachers will meet Morgan O’Hara, an award-winning artist who has devoted her life to art. But what is “art”? And what does it take for an artist, especially a woman born in 1941, to devote her life to it? As part of this event, teachers will visit O’Hara’s studio, learn about her life and career, share a meal, and leave with a greater understanding of art and life.

Morgan O’Hara works internationally but is based in New York. She was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Japan, received her art degree in California, and had her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, in 1978. In 1989, she invented a mode of performance art called LIVE TRANSMISSION: two-handed pencil drawings done while observing the movements of dancers, musicians, cooks, lecturers, children, or readers—anyone in motion. O’Hara has created thousands of LIVE TRANSMISSIONS, at performance art festivals, concert halls, street corners, fish markets, libraries, and elsewhere. More recently, following the 2016 presidential election, she began a new practice: working in public settings, she handwrites the Constitution, inviting passersby to join her, creating community while collectively affirming our country’s core values.