A Master Class in Aesthetic Education
with Maxine Greene
Offered in partnership with Lincoln Center Education
Monday, May 5, 2014

Legendary educator Maxine Greene has been a profound inspiration to generations of teachers. In this Master Class, teachers will immerse themselves in what Greene famously termed “aesthetic education,” which has been a major focus of her life’s work. After viewing “Ghostcatchers,” a dance video choreographed by Bill T. Jones and with digital work created by Sheeley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser, teachers will explore a style of learning that isn’t about consensus or answers, but about sustaining an open-ended curiosity and learning to live, as Greene says, “in the question.”

Maxine Greene has been at the forefront of educational philosophy for over half a century. She is the philosopher-in-residence at Lincoln Center Education, the Founder and President of the Maxine Greene Foundation for Social Imagination, the Arts, and Education; a professor emeritus and the Founder and Director of the Center for Social Imagination, the Arts and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a past president of the Philosophy of Education Society, the American Educational Studies Association, and the American Educational Research Association. She is also a member of the National Academy of Education and the recipient of nine honorary degrees and many other awards and honors. Dr. Greene has written widely. Her books include The Public School and the Private Vision, Teacher as Stranger: Educational Philosophy in the Modern Age (awarded the 1974 Delta Gamma Kappa Award for Educational Book of the Year), and The Dialectic of Freedom.