• Greg Heath, Adam Santos. Debra Kaufman, Rolando Ros. Photos by Pat Swain.

Don Quixote Fellowships

Don Quixote Fellowships are based on a self-evident truth: When you encourage a teacher’s passions, students benefit. These fellowships support idealistic, romantic, creative, impractical, adventurous projects born of a teacher’s passion. Projects need not relate directly to classroom practice. We welcome audacious proposals as well as ones more quietly intense.

The range and nature of fellowship experiences are illimitable—a science teacher might study Inuit poetry in Alaska and a pre-K teacher might travel to southernmost Patagonia to study the effects of climate change on ferns.

We are looking for applicants who apply creativity and ingenuity to planning an original experience that will give them insight, perspective, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

We will be offering one $5,000 fellowship and two $2,500 fellowships. Applications will be accepted in early 2018.